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Published By: Basma Adams

  1. 5 tips to an easier daylight savings transition!

    Happy S P R I N G time friends! The time of year most of us look forward to, where our days get longer and the weather gets warmer! The…

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  2. Are dia-resolutions the new New Years Resolutions?

    The humble beginnings of the New Years’ Resolution. Did you know the first New Years’ resolution dates back 4,000 years ago?! Many ancient cultures have traditions or holidays that relate…

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  3. Diabetes Necessities to Bring On the Road!

    With how fast-paced life has become in the 20th century, it’s no wonder people spend the majority of their life in a car! To and from work, school, appointments, and…

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  4. Differences between Insulin Pumps and Multiple Daily Injections.

    It seems like nowadays, there’s a new gadget on the market every day! You see them on television commercials, social media ads, even listening to the radio. Technological advancements have…

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