If your loved one seems determined not to ever use his or her new walker, there are some definite reasons to keep on motivating them to do so.  This is expressly important if they are living with Diabetes. Here are three important reasons to remind the ones you love that using their walkers won’t make them old.  Instead, their walker could be the key to staying young!





1.  Keep It Moving


Exercise has been shown to improve glucose levels and circulation for those who suffer from diabetes. Walking is a great way to get in a daily dose of physical activity, and using a walker will make that activity safer. Not to mention that walking could help with weight control. Certainly, a doctor should be consulted before any regular exercise program is put into place. However, if your loved one is able, walking with a walker may be the safest way to keep their diabetes symptoms under control.


2.  If You Don’t Use It, You Lose It


We have all heard that saying from time-to-time. However, if a diabetic patient does not continue regular physical movement, other complications such as neuropathy, kidney function and cardiovascular issues can become a factor. In addition, walking can help the patient retain muscle mass and range of motion. Staying as active as possible by using a walker can help your loved one feel their best and keep their bodies performing at their best.


3.  Safety First


Diabetic patients have a hard time healing from injuries.  This is especially true with foot wounds. A walker will do a great deal to help them steer clear of objects that could cause injuries and further complications of their disease. It will be important to spend time with your loved one to show them how to correctly use the walker. However, with some practice, they will be able to safely move around without increased exposure to injury.


For more information on how a walker could help your loved one live a more fulfilled and active life, please feel free to contact us.

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