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Monthly Archives: April 2021

  1. Top 10 Supplements for Healthy Aging

    In different ways, these 10 nutrients address changes that occur as we live longer. In some cases, our need for the nutrient simply increases with age. In others, a supplement…

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  2. Is Refined Sugar Bad For You?

    You’d be forgiven for thinking this would be straightforward. The latest science First, to be clear, ditching all sugars is madness – nobody’s advising that you drop all glucose, fructose…

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  3. How Telehealth Is Helping Patients with Incontinence

    According to the Health Resources Services Administration, telehealth is the use of telecommunications technologies to provide clinical and non-clinical services. This includes a wide range of health services provided through…

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  4. Tips & tricks to keep your CGM on this spring and summer!

    Hey friends, welcome back to another post! Keeping our CGM’s (continuous glucose monitor systems) on becomes a task when the weather gets hot! Today I’ll be sharing my own personal…

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