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Monthly Archives: July 2018

  1. How to Love Traveling Without Sacrificing Your Diet: Our Essential Guide

    All summer we’ve been addressing common misconceptions about traveling with certain health limitations. But perhaps one of the hardest hit health issues when traveling is diet.

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  2. Gardening: Does it Actually Make you Healthier?

    Did you know some outdoor activities are more beneficial for your health than others? Studies show that gardening has many benefits you should be taking advantage of to live a healthy lifestyle.

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  3. How to Easily Travel with Incontinence and LOVE it: Our Essential Guide

    What is the worst thing that could happen while traveling? Your bags get lost, miss your flights, car breaks down, or bad weather? But what if there was something more daunting than logistics?

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  4. Stress Management: 6 Proven Ways to Keep You Calm

    There are many tell-tale signs that these things have taken over your life with too much bad stress. If you feel stress cross the line to destructive, then it’s time you consider managing your stress.

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