Being healthy and energized means following a regular mealtime routine, but sometimes you need a pick me up to get you through your day. Here are 10 simple and creative snacks for your mid-afternoon lull.


1. Graham Crackers and Grapes


Take a graham cracker and smear 1 tbsp of cream cheese across the top. Put 1/4 cup of halved grapes across the top.


2. 1 Small Pear and String Cheese


These two pair perfectly. Plus, the calcium in the cheese and the fiber in the pear gets you one step closer to your recommended daily amounts.


3. Bananas and Dark Chocolate


Melt 1/2 oz of dark chocolate and dip 1/2 of a banana worth of banana slices to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can also freeze these treats for a hot summer’s day.


4. Chips and Salsa


This classic treat will satisfy your munchies. Just remember to stick to 1/4 cup of salsa and only 3/4 oz of tortilla chips to avoid over eating.


5. Parfait


A parfait is always a decadent go to! Use Greek yogurt to up your protein, and sprinkle in a few of your favorite berries. You can also add chia seeds to squeeze in some extra fiber.


6. Dried Apricot


Dried apricots are an excellent go to when your sweet tooth is being pesky. Remember, only 8 apricots provide 20% of your recommended vitamin A.


7. Small Oranges or Tangerines


The vitamin C and the fiber from small oranges or tangerines will help control your blood glucose levels.


8. A Small Apple and Peanut Butter


The apple cures a sweet tooth and provides extra fiber while the peanut butter gives you a protein boost to get you through your day.


9. Strawberries and Cottage Cheese


1 cup of strawberries mixed with 1/2 cup of cottage cheese gets you your daily recommendation of vitamin C and a boost of protein to boot.


10. Chicken Noodle Soup


Just remember to control your portion sizes and always pick the low-sodium option.


Snacking should not be viewed as a bad habit, in fact our bodies can only metabolize 600 calories in our stomach at a time. Smaller portions, and eating more often and earlier in the day will help you utilize your diet and stay energized! For more information on our nutritional products feel free to contact us here.


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