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Roche CoaguChek XS PT Test Strips

CoaguChek XS PT Test Strips

CoaguChek XS home use patient test strips are used with the CoaguChek XS Home Patient System.

Are you taking Coumadin or warfarin Then as you may know it must be closely monitored to make sure that you have the right amount. No need to have to drive to the clinic when you can purchase the test strips yourself. Get your results faster with these at home CoaguChek Test Strips. These test strips work with the CoaguChek XS Home Patient System by Roche. CoaguChek XS system sold separately. CLIA Waived


  • Requires test strip coding
  • Code chip included
  • Store in original contain at room temperature
  • Requires a 10 L blood sample size

What is PT

Prothrombin time (PT) is a blood test that measures how long it takes for blood to clot. A prothrombin time test can be used to check for bleeding problems. A PT test is also used to check whether medicine to prevent blood clots is working for the patient.

What is INR

INR is an acronym that stands for International Normalized Ratio (INR). This is a professional term for a blood test to determine how much warfarin (Coumadin, Jantoven or Marfarin) is in a patient at the time of the blood test.

What is a PT/INR Test

A PT/INR test is a test that helps to determine the coagulation (also known as clotting tendency) of the blood. This type of test is most commonly used in monitoring the accuracy of blood thinning products such as wafarin or a popular name brand blood medication such as Coumadin, Jantoven or Marfarin. These two medications are in a class of medications called anticoagulants ("blood thinners").

A person taking the anticoagulation medication listed above must be tested regularly to ensure their INR stays within a specific INR test range. A person is considered out of range when their INR test results are higher or lower than what their doctor establishes as their own specific target range.

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